Zimbra Email

Zimbra is an open source collaboration suite alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

We offer a virtual private server:

  • Ubuntu Linux Server as the operating system
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 100 GB of space (not including the OS, that’s on a separate volume)
  • 2 virtual CPU’s
  • Dedicated public IP address
  • Root access to the server if requested via ssh
  • Web based management URL for your server

All that for just $59 dollars per month no restrictions!

There are no setup fees, no bandwidth charges, no…well, too many no’s here just KNOW it’s an all you can eat plan.

With this plan you can:

  • Have 1 user with 50 GB mailbox and 50 users with 1 GB mailbox
  • Have 10 users with 10 GB mailboxes
  • Or…however you’d like to slice up the storage!

Fully compatible with mobile phone’s and tablets.  By default you get 3 full outlook clients that can use the mapi connection, past that we’d need to upgrade your server to the small business or pro version which unlocks other features.

If you’d like a more advanced setup, more disk space, more RAM, etc please contact us for a quote.  We’re the most flexible cost effective experts you’ll ever find – nothing is too exotic for us to setup.  By advanced setup we mean – high availability or server clusters.

We can also install an instance of ownCloud on your server – you can run both email and web based file sharing on your virtual private Zimbra server.

Need to do something else with your server?  Need a custom solution related to Open Source, Zimbra, ownCloud or some other exotic idea?

Contact us today for more information – we’re problem solvers!:  800.864.9497